Materials List

List of materials for shadow puppet workshops for 24 participants.

You may choose make your puppets from card or from clear plastic*, which makes them more colourful. A2 card, or larger, slightly thicker than greeting card thickness, not corrugated, any colour: 1 sheet per person.

PVC clear vacforming plastic, 12 A1 sheets and 1 litre tin of acrylic clear satin finish varnish. Option b is recommended for longer projects. It is not suitable for one-day workshops


The following materials are necessary for either card or plastic puppets:

2 rolls of of white ceiling paper, or equivalent.

60 21 inch, or equivalent , pea sticks used for holding plants upright, Scrapstore sell similar materials that are just as good.

24 pencils.

24 scissors.

2 packs of Stanley, or equivalent throwaway craft knives.

Box of 150 paper fasteners, long ones if possible.

Assorted coloured tissue, red, yellow, purple, blue, green etc.

coloured cellophane if coloured tissue is not available: a roll of each colour.

A good hole punch.

2 metre length of sticky velcro, available from a good fabric stores, such as `Fabricland` ,Bristol city centre.

Cutting mats.

Gaffer, or elephant tape.

Paper doilies, available from Tescos, or other supermarkets. Essential equipment that you will need to have ready for the ICT workshop options:

video projector, usually used in conjunction with the school's whiteboard

digital camera

laptop computer with CDROM drive

Microsoft Powerpoint software If you came here from ICT on essential information click to go back Plus the availability of the following would be very helpful for all workshops:


Power socket for power.

CD+tape player.

A reasonable blackout set up in the room where the workshop is to be run. It is better if this is sorted out before I arrive, to save setting it up during the workshop time itself.

Tables for working on, school type tables are best.


Final puppet finishing touches
Boy cutting out his creation
Redscreen closeup