The children were shown how to work with Jonathan’s Puppets on the shadow screen to music.

The children worked well in groups of 4 or 5, they were encouraged to name their groups after some of the Indian characters they had seen in the previous talk.

The goddess kali
Concentration backstage

The children remained in their groups for the rest of the two day period. But next in a drawing exercise they worked together on one long sheet of paper.Jonathan encouraged the children to draw their own ideas based on what they had seen and heard about in the talks on Indian culture and belief.

They drew many times until they felt confident with what they could achieve. At the end of the exercise they had many large and fantastic drawings in preparation for their final puppet design.

Next the children were encouraged to use their own critical faculties with the help of Jonathan, and Mr Pemberton, the teacher, to select the best drawing of a character to develop it into a final design for their own puppet.

Next Puppets were worked on by the groups - by modifying their designs and transferring them on to card

Adults, including Mr Pemberton and a teaching assistant, helped Jonathan to help the children transform the pupil’s drawings into working puppets.

Boy cutting out his creation
Violet screen puppetry

Next the children cut out their design.

Final puppet finishing touches
Redscreen closeup

Following this Jonathan encouraged them to experiment with coloured tissue and paper doilies to decorate the puppets.


Then the joints were made

Attention to detail
Greenscreen puppetry

Then finally sticks were added to make them move

The wonder of imagery
Neutral screen puppetry

Finally, each pupil was encouraged to develop ideas for scenery to put on the OHP at the back of the screen.

On the second day, when the puppets were completed, the children performed to other school members on the shadow screen in their groups to music

Grove Primary School

Year 1 & 2 PAWS Shadow Puppet Two Day Workshop

Set up through the ‘West Wiltshire’ Participatory Arts Workshops Scheme (PAWS), Jonathan Hayter was able to work with an enthusiastic group of year 1 and 2 pupils in the school.

On the first day the workshop opened with an introduction to shadow puppetry with some of Jonathan’s own puppets displayed and demonstrated on the shadow screen.

Jonathan talks to the children
Screen image

Next a short talk on the chosen theme of ‘Indian Gods and Goddesess’ in which the pupils were shown images of Shiva, Ganesh, as well as the Goddess Kali among others.

Concentration by puppeteers