Evaluation for PAWS Project- 8/3/06 & 10/3/06

James Pemberton Class teacher; Yr1/2 Grove Primary School, Trowbridge.

1. How successful do you feel that the project was in meeting its stated aims?


Very successful: the children developed drawing, puppet making and performing skills throughout the project. They were introduced to a wonderful visual experience far removed from anything they had experienced before. The children chosen were chosen for their creative abilities and not their academic and some of these showed very good results-they had achieved much and were not overshadowed by others. The children acquired a simple knowledge of Hindu Gods & Goddesses as well.

2. How did you find the organisation of the workshops and liasing with the artists (or as artists, liasing with the teaching staff)?


The organisation was straightforward due to easy contact between all concerned. Any concerns/organisational issues were easily sorted out. The days went very smoothly.

3. What do you feel have been the most successful outcomes of this project?


The wonderful introduction to the possibilities of puppetry: I would love to take all of this further with greater experiences and possibilities.

4. Do you have any plans for developing some of the ideas /techniques learnt in this process and integrating them into general class- teaching?


I will be feeding back to other teachers with a view to incorporating ideas where appropriate into schemes of work.

5. Would you, or school/class be interested in working on similar projects in the future?


Without a doubt, funding permitting.