We are currently living through great changes to our planet that will eventually affect us all on every level . We live in a time in which as educators and artists we have a responsibility increase awareness for cultural and spiritual harmony among our young people to make a better world for the future. The aim of the work I do in schools is to increase spiritual and cultural understanding among children through personal empowerment. Working through shadow, light and arts-based activities - children and young people learn to see similarities in other cultures and religions and through that understanding increase the possibility for a genuine peaceful global society in the future...

Whatever your age group, or reason for booking a ‘figure of speech’ workshop I hope you will agree that this is worthy ethos to bring to your school, theatre, community group, or society when you make a booking...

Jonathan Hayter

Figure of Speech


Figure of Speech enables children to explore the relationship between light, an object and the formation of shadows.”

Figure of Speech Shadow puppet workshops are educational and enable participants to explore creativity in a safe and supportive environment.

Please note all workshop formats require some blackout for them to work most effectively.

One Day workshops

Two Day workshops

Project workshops


If you would like to talk through information you are unclear about before making a booking, or wish to make a booking, then please contact jonathan Hayter who will be only too happy to help with your enquiry.


‘Look up at the heavens, for all eternity is there to see. What wonder and dreams beyond your wildest imaginings that every child should see!’

The Ethos behind the creative workshops for schools

The workshops highlighted here are mainly shadow puppet workshops combining art and craft activities with exploration of light and colour etc. - multimedia workshops. However if you are interested in making a booking for workshops based on other art forms such as painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, film and video then please contact Jonathan directly to discuss your requirements.