The following is taken from a preview for an 2001 appearance at the ‘Larmer Tree’ festival in Blandford forum Dorset with ‘Rama’:

‘...Figure of Speech have taken a portion of this epic, combining a deft display of ancient puppetry with mesmerising live music and a kinetic range of visual projections to create a sumptuous feast- don’t miss it!’

Rama’ at the Hope Centre, Bristol. May 2001 from the ‘Bristol Evening Post’:

Rama was second on stage. Concentrating on screen puppetry accompanied by heavy bass music, we experienced a more exotic side to human affections. This production proved an entertaining eclectic spectacle.’

Figure of Speech at the QEH theatre Bristol 19th May 2001:‘Innovative shadow puppet performances, exciting visuals and a stunning soundtrack.’

From the programme notes to the 2005 ‘Animated Exeter’ festival at the Phoenix Arts centre:

‘...Moontime focuses on the themes of alchemy and transformation and is an experimental combination of animation, puppetry, original music and dance, with a half-puppet, half human performer.’


...Experts from Bristol - based Figure of Speech Multimedia have run sessions at the centre before and were asked to make a return visit because of the popularity of the classes...’

Bristol Evening Post - on appearance at Yate Heritage centre 2002

2004 Hartcliffe school Bristol - from an evaluation completed by arts coordinator Samantha Bailey After a workshop with some of the pupils:

‘3.What do you feel have been the most successful outcomes of this project?’

‘Student learning, creativity, cross curricular. New experiences of materials, music etc.’

Dear Jonathan, I loved your workshop.’

...From a letter by Jordan. Pupil at Magor VAP School, Magor S. Wales - following Indian Shadow Puppet workshop in the school...

Learning about other cultures and learning in such an enjoyable way have really made us more aware of people in different countries and the way they live.’ ...we enjoyed the activities of the day.’

Headteacher Margaret Kelson Rogiet Primary school, Rogiet S Wales following an Indian shadow puppet workshop with the children of the school in April 2002.

...Thank you for coming to do a brilliant workshop with us. It was great fun.’

...From a letter by Niamh. Pupil at Magor VAP School, Magor S. Wales - following Indian Shadow Puppet workshop in the school..

...Thank you for your story of Rama and Sita. My favourite characters were Rama,Sita and the monkey army...’

...From a letter by Eli. Pupil at Magor VAP School, Magor S. Wales - following Indian Shadow Puppet workshop in the school...

This was just a taster of things to come from a new collaboration between Bristol puppeteer Jonathan Hayter and dancer Jim Brown - Moontime - and if its beauty and striking imagery are anything to go by, the 5th year of the Bath International Puppet Festival is going to be the best yet.

A kind of Alchemy’ Preview in the Bath Chronicle of Moontime before 2004 Bath International Puppet Festival.


‘...Figure of speech look set to be reclaiming puppetry from the safe and non-threatening tradition of old...’

Decode Magazine’ - Dec. 2002

Amongst this year’s contributors are Bristol’s Figure of Speech’

Bath International Puppet Festival 2004 programme notes.

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