Shamans Shadows and Stories
Technical details and booking

Show duration approx ; 45minutes

Total blackout is required, plus  a secure power supply.

This live performance has developed out of `The Source` approach to the work of

Figure of speech and uses a live camera feed, screen and spontaneous  cut-out shapes.

`Shamans, Shadows and Stories developed its storytelling through imagery and colour

and was presented on a shadow screen. The live performance embraced a completely

spontaneous approach weaving its stories from the free play of visual shapes and

shadows on the screen. The themes explored in this performance were therefore not

predetermined  yet often  explored the beginnings of cosmology  the formation of Gods

and Goddesses , and the stories and creation myths surrounding them. Using sound

and spoken word `Shamans, Shadows and Stories` was an atmospheric  show  

for more intimate venues or anywhere unusual improvised experience was appreciated …

Shamans Shadows
and Stories