In 1993 ‘Figure of Speech’ started in Glasgow Scotland as a marionette company and an outlet for the puppet making skills of Jonathan Hayter. Original stories became the basis for such performances as; ‘Mr Iguanaman and the Sacred Tree’ ‘The Flower Garden.’ Both of which were performed in many schools in Glasgow and around Scotland.

After relocation to England ‘Mr Iguanaman’ was performed for the last time at Glastonbury Festival of the Performing Arts in 1997.

Other shows soon followed such as ‘Madame Labatsky - Fortune Teller to the World’ and the curiously titled ‘Lord Afflecks’s Amazing Insect Show.’ Sadly an ambitious project ‘The Ghost Of A Flea’ was never performed. But some of the puppets remain, along with those from the other productions mentioned here.

Details of past performances of the marionette shows.

Here is a video of a marionette performance The Princess and the Robot.

In 1999 ‘Figure of Speech’s’ main focus became developing shadow puppet performances and workshops and the marionettes were replaced in their central role in the work of the company. However they are still available on a small scale for one-off parties and events..

A menu of characters has been created, numbered and named for you to choose any four. Simply click on the thumbnail image to find out more about your chosen character. These characters will then appear at your chosen event or party and together create a spontaneous story to entertain you and your guests. Just simply search the ‘menu’ then email the numbers together with the puppets’ names to Jonathan Hayter - stating where, and when and who the event is for and you will be contacted to confirm the booking if you leave a contact telephone no. and your email address.

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