"What became ‘Rama’ was born then, a musical journey through Hindu ‘Creation,’ ‘Destruction’ and ‘Rebirth.’ An important section of the show was ‘The Ramayana,’ a classic Hindu tale showing the struggle between good and evil and featuring the heroes Rama and Sita.

"The important features of the live performances were the experimental abandonment of narrative in some parts of the show. This allowed a new exploration of the combination of music, light, colour and shadow, and demonstrated these elements working together in unique harmony.

"It was felt that in the most successful live performances this mixing of artistic forms brought to the audience the tremendous power of spiritual archetypes present in the Hindu faith, as well as providing an excellent sound track!

"The silhouettes moved and danced through the colourful scenes, sometimes slow and contemplative, sometimes whirling through a pyschedelic vortex. The atmospheric soundtrack worked perfectly, dark, mysterious, deep and dubby and then blatantly Rockin' just when it needed it."

Maggie Louise - South West Puppeteers. June 2000.

Using multi-media and samplers for sound Jonathan Hayter, aged 41,pictured, finds his approach works well for specific festivals’.

Bristol Evening Post December 2000,

‘Rama’ is still a popular show and is currently available in an all-new format, bookable for any event from Jonathan Hayter.

Some of the performances we have done of Rama in the past are:

The Lamertree Festival 2001

The The Hope Centre, Bristol, May 2001

The Ashton Court Community Festival 2001 and 2002

Callicroft Infants School, South Gloucester. 26 May 2004

The Bath Fringe Festival, 14 June 2004, Green Park Station

World Peace Day, 2 October 2004, at the David Lloyd Leisure Centre, S. Bristol

Creative Expo 2004 at the Olive Shed, Bristol, 22 - 23 October 2004

The Ustinov Theatre, Bath. Part of ‘Little India Festival’ 24 Oct 2004

Animations Live Festival 2005 Phoenix Arts and Media Centre Exeter


The Rama Show:

Puppets and concept by Jonathan Hayter


There is a CD of the soundtrack of the Rama Show.


"In 1999, a small group of artists and performers gathered on a series of cold winter evenings in my studio and began to experiment with the effects of light, colour, shadow and music...