Shows were performed at;

Buxton Puppet festival  29th july 2009

Miss Peapod`s Café Penryn Cornwall 20th February 2010



At the end of the 1960S the whole world watched with awe as 2 tiny figures walked on the surface of another world! It was a moment that united people in   global awareness; humanity witnessing a common goal; to reach for the stars! Seldom has such a moment of global unification been witnessed since those lunar landings decades ago! This performance piece was produced for the 40th anniversary of the original moon landings in 1969.


     A     P     O     L     L     O

The Theme taken from the original performance programme:


“Figure of Speech’ have taken the humanitarian significance of the project Apollo suggesting humanity was given a ‘key’ that day of the 1st lunar landing to become one with the Gods and witness the dawning of our present age by imagining what lies beyond....July 20th 1969 was a moment when the moon opened up to show the significance of our universe of what lies within and beyond.....It was an event in which we could all celebrate the gift of universal consciousness. It was the opening of a gateway to the stars.......

Apollo’ is also ‘Figure of Speech’s’ tribute to the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11’s landing on July 20th 1969.....


The Show


Using imagery, animation, soundscapes and puppetry ‘Apollo’ is an atmospheric piece that abandons narrative in search of a complete sensory experience that feeds the subconscious normally associated with dreaming and dreams......


So sit back and enjoy! Immerse yourself in eerie alien soundscapes, colourful projections and puppetry and let ‘Apollo’ take you on its own unique journey to the moon and beyond.”


The show was limited to 2 very special performances.


Thanks go to Paul Sinclair for music, sound score and video editing.


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