Gods and Demons

GODS and DEMONS’ developed from the original `Light` show and was an  ambitious project designed  to incorporate live Indian musicians with the Indian–style shadow puppets in a complete performance.


After many attempts at non narrative styles of presentation it eventually worked best as a live piece with a

story linking the scenes together .  Although there were technical  problems with staging, `Gods and Demons` was performed with some success at the venues listed below.


Following the esoteric interests of Jonathan Hayter`s approach many stories were told within the format from the traditionally based Ramayana characters in a highly imaginative and unusual way .These tales  were woven into a creation and destruction  narrative involving the God Shiva , Brahma and Ganesh…accompanied by swirling sitars and Indian percussion….



Shows were performed at ;


The Victoria Art Gallery in Bath -7th September 2008


`Gods and Demons` Exhibition Bristol Tobacco factory  8th October 2008


Wooton Under edge Art centre   11th October 2008

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Thanks go to Donagh Sanfey and Mike Ford Musicians

Sarah Kirkpatrick Puppeteer and others who helped on this production

Gods and Demons