Much of the central philosophy of my work is a development from the belief in a `Golden Age` of humanity in which human beings knew their place in the cosmos. This age was a time of peace, when humans lived in harmony with nature and the heavens above them. The roots of all religion, culture and civilisation lie in this time… The time before time ….

`The Golden Age` is important to our age now, as we approach a return to this source-time. The source of our creation… Consequently there is an emphasis on the spiritual connections between all beings and nature on our world as fundamental to our existence if we are to save our planet from ecological and material catastrophe .  

This belief is the catalyst for much of my creative work with Figure of Speech today…

The source of much of my creative work with Figure of Speech in recent years has developed

from a visual creative process similar to Henri Matisse `drawing with scissors`.

Having spent a large part of my career working with shadows I discovered a process that allows

me to work in a very spontaneous way  cutting up shapes and forms for both composition of

shadows and images .

The Source
The Philosophy
The Golden Age