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Hi Jonathan

My 90 year old mother attended the Crantock Memory Cafe on a Monday afternoon before Christmas, sorry I don't have the date, when you facilitated a workshop. She always enjoys attending but she was so enthusiastic that day and had derived so much pleasure from the activity that I wanted to give you a more personal feedback.  Arts and crafts have always been of interest to her, particularly art, and it was joyous to see her so animated.

I see that you are based in Redruth, but am wondering if you are running any other workshops in the future?  Unfortunately I divide my time between Cornwall and South Yorkshire so I'm not always around, but when I am down here I will happily drive her around Cornwall - well, within reason.  Mum's hearing and eyesight have deteriorated, but the pleasure she derived from being able to express herself in a familiar but forgotten medium makes any effort worthwhile.

With many thanks

Pam Cooper