Jonathan Hayter Artist

`Sound on Vision ` currently under development explores the themes that may also  once  have been presented as a Figure of Speech show. Below is a short clip highlighting some of the techniques used in the live art presentation...

Live Art

Above is an image from the original `Apollo ` in  rehearsal in 2009.


  L I G H T B O X

The Basis for live work in this set-up uses a live camera feed and a unique `Lightbox` format complete with individual `Archetype Card` shapes and forms . These are mixed live with prerecorded material accompanied with a soundtrack of live and prerecorded  Soundscapes..

Some of the images that can be created using the Lightbox. They can be manipulated live  using the Lightbox set -up illustrated above.




Photos; Jonathan Hayter ,James Hollingsworth © 2010/2012

Sound on Vision


Recent Workshop @ Geevor Tin Mine using the` Lightbox `method.

Photo ; Geevor Tin Mine 2013

Workshop Projects
Sound on Vision can be booked as a workshop