ONE DAY WORKSHOPS- (currently available on the Egyptians, or India, or a theme of your choice. - for example other subjects that have been worked with include the Vikings, the Aztecs, the Tudors.

(This workshop is for up to 30 children, or participants with teacher and LSA support)

One day workshops follow a simple but effective format which include the following highlights;

A demonstration of shadow puppet technique - with the ‘Figure of Speech’ puppets.

An opportunity for participants to operate those puppets to music on the shadow screen with music, and light effects.

Develop drawing skills; explore shapes spaces, and their relationship to overall design.

Participants can then make their own puppets from simple easy-to-use materials - such as card, tissue paper etc.(see list of materials)

Make a musical performance at the end of the afternoon in their groups with the puppets they have made.



This workshop format helps to develop the following:

Encouraging individuals to work together in groups.

Develop the creative potential of each individual involved.

Increase knowledge of the chosen subject area.

Develop Art and Design skills.

Develop ICT skills.

Develop Awareness and understanding of other cultures.

As well as increase individual confidence and ability for other work in school.


Please contact Jonathan Hayter directly if you have an enquiry or wish to make a booking for this workshop.

1 Day Workshops

Recent shadow puppet workshop King Edward Mine. Halloween ;2017.