At Grove Primary School Jonathan did a two day workshop, read a description of the event and the teacher’s evaluation of the project.

TWO DAY WORKSHOP - THE RAMAYANA or on the theme of PILGRIMAGE AND JOURNEYS (This workshop can be for groups of up to 60 children, or participants - or 2 classes, with teacher and LSA support. One class involved in the performance and   puppet making for the whole of the two day period and a second class involved in music making for the final performance.)

This is a specific workshop designed around your chosen theme, developing it as a dramatic piece of story telling involving speaking and listening skills, music and drama  as well as encouraging creative learning)

The introduction to this workshop follows the format of the ‘One day Workshop’. For example everyone gets an opportunity to work with the ‘Figure of speech’ puppets on the screen to music, following an initial demonstration of shadow puppet technique.

The workshop highlights some of the following;

An introduction to the theme - including characters - their relationship to each other, as well as their symbolic significance in the story. )

Develop drawing skills; explore shapes spaces, and their relationship to overall design.

Participants can then make their own puppets from simple easy - to - use materials - such as card, tissue paper etc.(Materials)

Working with a script.

Working with simple percussion music.

Performing in front of an audience.

Group work.



This workshop enables each individual to increase their creative skills through the use of a variety of materials and simple techniques.

Develop ‘speaking and listening’ skills through instruction.

Develop group work skills

Learn a story from another culture.

Confidence in putting on a performance for an audience.

Develop individual and group confidence that promotes more confident approaches in other curriculum areas of work.

Awareness of the relationship of music to narrative and character.





(Please note a script of the ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Pilgrimage and Journeys’ is available to teachers before coming to the school in a word document format that can be emailed directly to your school.)

2 Day Workshops